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Delivering Medically Certified PPE Equipment In Days To Over 80+ Countries World-Wide

Stan Way, Guaranteed PPE

Stan has over 10+ years experience sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping products internationally. As a member of the Guaranteed PPE Team he will be your point of contact for all questions in regards to your PPE order.


While Others Are Struggling To Find PPE You've Now Found Your Source...
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100% Guaranteed Shipping Time Frames
Due to COVID-19 there is a world-wide shortage of certified PPE equipment. With corporations, state, and even national governments bidding against one another many entity's have had their PPE orders cancelled. With our process we guarantee that will not happen.
100% Guaranteed FDA (U.S.) Or CE (European Union) Approved
Our manufacturer has been delivering FDA Approved products for over 20 years. NIOSH Certified and SGS Certificates issued inside The United States.
100% Guaranteed No Hassle Process
After submitting your information on this page you'll receive a partial catalogue of some of the 3,000+ items we can deliver. You'll also have direct contact information to a member of our team who can answer any questions or support you in any way.
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